Thee Comic Column #97 Robert Kirkman Outcast!

outcast_02This is going to be short and sweet because I’m pushing to get the current novel I’ve been writing for two years finished by this Wednesday. It might not happen – I’m not going to rush the ending. But I have to know I did everything I could to at least try. I’m sooo close. But I also am not about to neglect my weekly column here so that leaves the question, without just throwing up something that is piss poor, what can I talk about that won’t lead into the kind of lengthy dissertation I’ve been increasingly wont to fall into here lately.

Thee Comic Column #96: Guarding the Galaxy

Starlord TradeAssurance: There are NO SPOILERS contained in this article. This is not a review of the film so much as a treatise on what it means to comics.

Thee Avid Reader Interviews Sean-Paul Thomas

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Thee Comic Column #95: Zak Snyder’s Wonder Woman

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Thee Comic Column #94: The Woods

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Last month I had a light pull week at The Comic Bug and ended up having the time/money to look around for something new. This happens from time to time and I’ve found a lot of good books this way. However, finding new stuff is never super easy. These days there are always a plethora of candidates, and it’s usually rather difficult to pin it down to one from the many. In cases such as these what I tend to rely on is my gut. I can’t completely put it into words, but some books just jump out at me, whether because of the cover, title, author, whatever. Sometimes it’s not even anything as tangible as any of those things. Sometimes it’s just… fate.

Thee Comic Column #93: The Fitzroy’s Kickstarter

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In this age of social media information often ends up appearing as if by magick. Often I consume so much data via twitter, facebook, blogs, articles and emails that everything ends up running together into a big, translucent corridor of words and impressions that it is then hard to cull through for actual, useable fact. This is especially true of the independent world for films, comics, music – art in general. There is so much stuff bubbling around in the underground that sometimes it’s hard to hang onto it all. The Fitzroy is one thing though that I’ve had no trouble hanging onto since I first encountered it, as the sensibilities of its story, its visual style and its tone are something that my heart and soul tell me I have evidently been waiting for someone to create for a long time. And now someone has.

The Joup Friday Album: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – And No More Shall We Part

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It is hard to imagine an album more beautiful than this. And when you factor in the oddities, the darkness, the punishment and the full out belly laughs – ie the guy in the plastic antlers pressing his bum against the glass – what you have is a musical experience unlike any other. When I first heard this somewhere around eleven years ago it was my first deep exposure to Mr. Cave. It was also unlike any musical experience I’d had up until that point, roughly my twenty fourth year on Earth.

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