Basement Dwelling: Transmissions Vol. 1

The Brain Jonestown MassacreBasement Dwelling Presents:

Live transmissions and eclectic mixes every Wednesday curated by yours truly. Listen to it in the car, while you procrastinate, work, make love, walk the dog, and live your life.


1. Brian Jonestown Massacre: David Bowie I Loved You Since I was Six

2. Quilt: Elliot St.

3. Deerhunter: Duplex Planet

4. So Pitted: Rot In Hell

5. Vince Staples: Summertime

6. Tune-Yards: Sink-O

7. Ratking: Canal

8. Beat Happening: Hangman

9. Grimes: Realiti (Demo)

10. Chairlift: Romeo

11. Twin Sister: Bad Street

12. Destroyer: The Space Race

13. Jamie XX: Gosh

14. Matthew Dear: Grut Wall

15. David Bowie: ‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore

Daniel R. Fiorio

Writer, blogger, record collector/music fanatic, comic book junkie, jerkstore/all around nice dude from the south suburbs of Chicago

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