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rp_36356-sun-coming-down.jpgHello and welcome to Basement Dwelling a column written by me: Daniel R. Fiorio where I review new records that should be on your musical radar. What sets Basement Dwelling apart from other music review columns is that these are all albums that are currently residing in my record collection. No promo copy was given, no stream was listened to, but a record was purchased (even if i didn’t like it). Don’t think of me as a critic but as a music obsessive looking to open a dialouge about some of the best tunes that are currently being released. Let’s head down to the basement and listen to….

Ought: Sun’s Coming Down

The 2014 debut album of Canada’s Ought: More Than Any Other Day showcased a band in rare form; A young band full of ambition and ideas that put a lot of heart into the formation of their debut record. Wielding a sound that’s a mix of post-rock and tried and true indie rock, Ought proved to be the type of band that one would grow obsessed with. (Like the person writing this review) With their even more realized and immediate follow up Sun Coming Down; that obsession will bloom into a full love affair.

From the get go of album opener “Men For Miles” Ought come charging in with a type of confidence and display of great song writing that was very much present on Any Other Day, but more fully developed here. The songs are shorter, the rhythm’s are sharper and more tightly performed, and  front man Tim Darcy’s silly and playful vocal delivery  is an absolute joy to listen to. With annunciations and analogies displayed throughout this record that would make David Byrne of the Talking Heads nod with approval. All of this attention to detail and loving homage that is payed throughout this record to some of Ought’s biggest influences all add up to a listening experience that is wholeheartedly enjoyable and varied. You want some harder edged indie rock throw on “The Combo”, some groovy post -rock listen to album highlight “Beautiful Blue Sky”. Sun Coming Down provides a lot to love in 40 minutes; meet your new favorite band.

8.5/10 (One of 2015’s best)

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