Thee Comic Column #51: Fialkov & Infurnari’s The Bunker


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Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari recently launched a new web comic. The Bunker is only available online, so this was a new experience for me. I won’t go so far as to say I’ve ever been against digital books or comics, they’re just not my preference. Would I prefer to read The Bunker – which is a wonderfully-crafted and extremely exciting addition to my monthly addiction – in paper form? Maybe. However I fully recognize that this is my personal preference and in no way would I ever impose my preferences on creators doing what they need to do in order to get their completely independent book out to those who want to read it.

Pixies to Release 4-Song EP


There was time when I was vehemently against The Pixies – one of my favorite bands – getting back together. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but think about it. If there’s one thing I like more than The Pixies it’s Frank Black aka Black Francis and when the band first began doing “reunion” shows circa 2003 I desperately feared it would interfere with the seemingly endless supply of original material Black was in the midst of releasing. I also feared the old axiom of fabled wisdom, “You can’t go home again”.

Ministry – From Beer to Eternity

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Okay, first I have to ask you to excuse both the lackluster album name and album cover. The title is clearly meant to be another in the series of cynical puns Ministry has used for so long. I’ve been a fan of the band since the moment I first heard The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste  back in the early 90’s – it’s one of my favorite albums ever – and even I’ll admit that while Uncle Al and crew nail it on some of their albums’ adornments (but never better than on the aforementioned) they also fall flat on some. This is a shame when you take into account that musically almost every Ministry record to date is otherwise brilliant.

Thee Comic Column #50: Grant Morrison

Several weeks after Comic con Grant Morrison’s Annihilator isn’t exactly breaking news any longer, but it is still very exciting news that I have not yet had a chance to write about. Annihilator sounds fantastic and it reunites Morrison with artist Frazer Irving – if you read the beautiful Batman and Robin books they did together a few years ago you know just what great news this is.

Thee Comic Column #49: Collid…er… I mean Federal Bureau of Physics

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After waiting for most of July due to erroneously published release dates for Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez’s Collider I finally had it in my box at the Comic Bug the last week of the month and whisked it home with fairly high expectations.

It did not disappoint.

It’s hard to see exactly where the story is going from the first issue – think of reading Ex Machina #1 the day it came out and having no idea the heights it was setting itself up to soar to – but that’s not what really got me excited by the book. What did get me excited is the world that Collider #1 established. And oh, what a wonderful world it is!

Thee Comic Column #48: UGLI Studios Presents #2 – An Interview w/ Jason Lenox

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UGLI Studios has only recently come on my radar. They are a small, totally independent imprint that releases very high quality books that their creators put A LOT of work into. With the just-released anthology UGLI Studios Presents #2 is now available for order on their founder and artist extraordinaire Jason Lenox’s website, I was recently able to throw some questions at Mr. Lenox. Here’s what we spoke about.

SCB:You’re fresh off a successful Kickstarter that helped make the new Ugli Studios Presents Vol#2 possible. Do you feel that the age of crowdsourcing changed the game for you and other independent comics publishers?

Thee Comic Column #47: Rucka, Lark & Arcas’ LAZARUS

Lazarus_1In last week’s column I talked about Boom! Studio’s Day Men, a book that is based around the idea of multiple Vampire families and how they co-exist in the world at large. This week’s topic is another book that has the concept of family at its core. Lazarus is written by Greg Rucka, drawn and lettered by Michael Lark and colored by Santi Arcas. It is published by Image Comics and it hit the stands a few weeks back with one of the best first issues I’ve seen in a while.

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