Joup Friday Album – Ambulance LTD

Ambulance LTD - self titled (TVT Records)

Ambulance LTD – self titled (TVT Records)

So the Magic 8-Ball has it, as Chester so eloquently discovered last week. Read more about his pick Clinic HERE. Great choice and really got me to thinking about digging back to the past a bit – to the year 2004. F@#k, has it really been 10 years? Yes, yes it has and yet as I listen to the YouTube clips I really think this group is still as fresh as it was then. So what I found on YouTube is a piecemeal playlist of the album but nearly every track is there as well as others from EPs. Heading to the Clinic? Maybe you should take Ambulance LTD.

Joup Friday (Err…Saturday) Feature Album: Brigitte Bardot Sings

Brigitte Bardot Sings (Phillips)

Brigitte Bardot Sings (Phillips)

So I’ve been staying in Logan Square in Chicago. Been subletting from my very good friend Liz whom is now in Oakland, CA running the wonderful conservatory Mynah Music. You can read my interview with her about Mynah here.

She’s a wonderful musician, accomplished in violin, piano and even guitar. I’m lucky enough to have an apartment that has a turntable and a great selection of international music. I’ve added to that collection thanks to Reckless Records in Wicker Park. But Liz had a hidden little jem by one Brigitte Bardot. Yeah, that Brigette Bardot, you know…And God Created Woman. Probably every man (especially French men) in the late 50s and early 60s dreamed about her and every woman…well I can’t really speak for them. She was though, an original “supermodel.” Truly.

Joup Friday Album #5 – The Jesus Lizard – Down

The Jesus Lizard - Down (Touch and Go) 1994

The Jesus Lizard – Down (Touch and Go) 1994

“My Legs,” said David Yow, lead singer of The Jesus Lizard, to a burst of unique laughter since gone from Chicago’s Wrigleyville Tap. Later that evening Yow, mummified in a skin of black electrical tape, took the stage next door at The Metro only to have his entire “skin” ripped off upon his first dive into the crowd. Yep, that’s Yow and this is your Joup Friday Album – Down, my favorite long player from The Jesus Lizard.

The Joup Friday Album – Third Edition: Foals “Holy Fire”

Foals - Holy Fire (image courtesy of Foals and Transgressive Records)

Foals – Holy Fire (image courtesy of Foals and Transgressive Records)

My dear friend and music collaborator Jessica played me this band out of Oxford, England this past summer before she saw them at Lollapalooza in August. She said, “This is THE band Joey. I can’t get enough of their sound.” No, the band wasn’t Radiohead – who do hail from Lewis Carroll’s hometown – but rather an upstart group from the past five years named Foals.  My entry for this edition of Joup’s Friday album is their 2013 release Holy Fire.

Grez’ Top 10 Albums of 2013: Remember…regardless of Release Date

So last year, I reviewed my Top 12 albums of 2012. If you’ll remember it was my preferential form to disregard the release dates and aim for what moved me during that year, regardless of origin. What I ended up with was a collection of albums to which I first listened within that calendar year, and which defined that year for me. I’d like to keep that idea for this year but bolster the list to 10 albums, because I think I have a killer ten. Most choices this year are recent, perhaps even within ’13, but one is a bit of an outside throwback and another three (yes 3!) belong to one band. Although they are listed this way, there is no particular order to the albums. However, I do note my Album of The Year, as well as my Group of The Year (and again, for the Group nomination they may not have released anything this year).
2013 has been great for me musically for many reason that will come to fruition soon. I’d like to think these artists had a hand in influencing me. So without adieu, my Top Albums of 2013.

The Phenomenom of The 1975 & Concert Review @ The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

Preshow portal of The 1975 (photo: joe grez/sesame)

Preshow portal of The 1975 (photo: joe grez/sesame)

Average Joe Photography #3: Skateboarding in Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez - Joup)

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez – Joup)

Flying back from the Far East took me through Los Angeles and with it a reunion with none other then my co-publisher at Joup, a man by the name of Shawn C. Baker. It was most certainly a homecoming and LA, for better or worse, is quite the slice of Americana. Bakes had some time off so we decided to head north from his home in San Pedro out to Venice Beach and it’s post-hippie-chic-glitz-glam. Our main objective wasn’t the show though, it was to catch Sunday skateboarding at the recently renovated Venice Beach skatepark. After all, this is where all the four-wheel action began. So let’s take a look at the shots and go into a bit of detail about them.

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