The Joup Friday Album: Rollins Band – The End of Silence

Rollins_Band_-_The_End_of_SilenceI’m not sure how or why I ended up with Rollins Band, The End of Silence as my pick for this week’s edition of the Joup Friday Album. I was set to do the album Death Reflects Us by Helsinki band BeastMilk, a kind of modern embodiment of what a Misfits-meets-the-Smiths scenario might sound like. It’s a fantastic record my friend Joe Kohler only recently turned me onto and I’ve listened to it enough to drive a normal man (or woman) insane. But youtube didn’t have that. Then I was thinking about Anthrax, because I broke out my vinyl (!!!) copy of State of Euphoria last Saturday night and subsequently purchased Among the Living on iTunes (@$5.99 for the non-remastered deluxe folks it’s quite a steal!) – a replacement for the cassette that time destroyed – the following day. Then, on the way to writing about Anthrax I sat down and killed a few beers while watching Better Than Something, the Jay Reatard documentary. It affected me a considerable amount, but then The End of Silence popped into my head and I knew I was going with it. Because The End of Silence is that kind of album for me – when it comes up, it takes over.

The Joup Friday Album: The Ex – Catch My Shoe

catchmyshoe_frontI’m going to do something different this week. I’m going to post an album here that I do not know at all, that I in fact am hearing for the first time Wednesday night as I lay down the first draft for this piece. The Ex have blipped in and around my radar for a damn long time but I’ve never managed to pin them down. Don’t ask me how; in 2002 I wrote briefly for an online magazine called Prefix and through them I had the chance to interview one of my favorite bands at the time, Erase Errata; the interview went down at Chicago’s Abbey Pub before they opened for a band I don’t think I’d ever heard of at the time – The Ex. During the interview the members of Erase Errata talked very highly of The Ex and their excitement became so contagious that by the time my first live Erase Errata experience was over I was as excited to see The Ex as I was the band I’d gone there to interview. Well, maybe not, but it felt that way. And they took the stage and I was an instant convert.

The Joup Friday Album: Grimes – Visions

ABT025digipack.tifFull Disclosure: I am new to Grimes, and as new things often inspire in me rabid obsession I must ask that you, my dear reader, pardon the “She can do no wrong” skew that will inevitably saturate this post.

That said, Visions is one hell of an album.

After first hearing about Grimes in relation to the burgeoning Witch house scene that peripherally fascinated me in 2010/11 she fell waaay off my radar. The truth is, upon those first, exploratory dabblings Grimes’s music did not connect with where I was at the time. I kept her music in the back of my mind, fairly certain I would come back to it later.

Remember the Time When… Axl Rose Cheated Me Out of 15 Free Tickets to See GnR


Nice shorts, douche

Per Monsiuer Grez, who started this column back in January:

Welcome to a new rotating author column entitled “Remember that time when…”.
How it works:

1. I’ll start with a story from my past.
2. I’ll leave it open to the next author (whomever would like to continue) to recall “That time when…”
3. The only catch: it has to relate somehow to the previous story. It could in a number of ways. For instance, Joe’s original column recounted his seeing David Bowie’s Outside tour in 1995 at the World Music Theater in Tinley Park, Illinois. So, as he suggests in his own preamble to that column – which my own preamble is a bastardization of – I am using the World Music Theater as connective tissue, because in 1991 when I was a Freshmen in high school I won 15 free lawn seats to go see Guns and Roses at the World. FIFTEEN FREE TICKETS. FIFTEEN! To see G-n-Fucking-R baby!

The Joup Friday Album: Ice T – Power

powerLet’s have some fun. This isn’t going to be my usual, long-winded rendition of a Friday Album because, frankly, I’m exhausted. I’ve recently realized that I’m suffering from sleep deprivation – self-induced by pigheadedness and probably going on a duration of four years now – and it’s adding up something fierce. There are questions as to whether or not I’m spending parts of my day in drifting fugue states; luckily I haven’t gone out to a 711 naked yet or wound up trading bullets with a whacked-out meth psycho, but then again, who knows? What I do know is that this weekend I need to get some rest and then re-think my priorities on sleep. In the interim however, I intend to have some fun, and what better way to have fun on a Friday than with some old school rap.

The Joup Friday Album: The Callas – Half Kiss Half Pain

CallasI’m going to do something different this week. Normally the idea behind the Joup Friday Album is to post an entire album that the you can click to, hit play on and then go about your business preparing for your weekend. You know, sync the phone or laptop to the stereo, turn it up and then move around your house; start prepping the night’s dinner or sit and work on some writing while the sounds that Joup’s wonderful contributors have chosen usher in the potential inherent in your two days of freedom. It’s a nice way to start the brief respite from work, having someone curate a new experience and personally I hold it pretty holy. That said, this week I am not going to post an entire album. I’ve been thinking about this for a while – the fact that it has become harder and harder to find ‘full albums’ on youtube and the fact that our WordPress theme fights like a little bitch when we try to embed from spotify or bandcamp. So maybe this is all just an excuse to break protocol. Or maybe it’s just that I am excited as hell about this new album by The Callas.

The Joup Friday Album: David Bowie – Reality

realityIt has been just over a month. A month since I woke up at 4:15 AM on a Monday and saw a text from a friend that said, “Dude, David Bowie just died”.

My friend had sent that text at 11:35 PM the night before. She had no doubt been grinding away hours on the late shift at the hospital where she works, maybe a slow night for intakes, probably surfing the internet on her phone when she happened upon the news just about the time it hit the AP wire. I saw it a few hours later in the daze of a Monday morning; still dark out, cold and unprepared for the work week let alone news that big.