Thee Comic Column #70: Rick Remender & Wes Craig’s Deadly Class

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Thee Comic Column #69: Drinking With Comics @ The Comic Bug

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 7.14.49 PMRecently my good friend Joe.Baxter and I began discussing the prospects of starting up a video podcast that could act as a sort of companion to this column. We wanted something that dealt with comics but also something that didn’t play up the nerd angle that often finds its way into such enterprises. Comics have come a long way, they’re not just for kids and Comic Book Guy anymore, eh? We wanted something that didn’t propagate the “basement dweller” stereotype but instead captured the social aspects of being a modern fan of comic culture. You know, something that was more akin to the vibe you get when you’re at a party with friends, drinking beer, feeling good and talking passionately about why everyone should be reading Rachel Rising or just what the chances actually are that the next Crow movie will be a shot-for-shot interpretation of the original graphic novel. Because of the passion a lot of the people I talk comics with bring to the table during these conversations – especially after a couple of cold ones – I thought if we got something going, the magic would work itself into the conversation and translate on screen. The only problem seemed to be coordinating schedules and finding the right people to take part in this undertaking. Then a few weeks ago I  made my weekly trip into Manhattan Beach, CA’s The Comic Bug, picked up the stuff in my pull list, browsed the shelves and then spent the most pleasurable part of the visit talking with co-owner Mike Wellman about what books he recommended, our mutual man-love of Rick Remender (mine thanks to Mike!) and the music of Mike Patton. Suddenly it hit me – why not do the podcast at The Comic Bug and ask Mike to co-host? In my head it was the perfect idea. And you know, this past Monday we shot the Giant-Sized First Issue and it turned out – I think – FANTASTIC!!!

Joup’s Friday Album – The Inaugural Edition

I was moved today to begin a new feature here on Joup – the Friday album. Each Friday someone on the Joup team will embed an album from youtube.


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Now, I need to express for both legal and more importantly moral reasons that this is in no way meant to persuade folks from buying these albums. People who know me or read my stuff know that I am all about supporting musicians, especially independent ones like these guys. As long as this stuff is up on youtube anyway I figure we can maybe use it to turn folks onto some stuff they might not have heard before and actually persuade them they need to go out and support some great bands.We own the rights to none of this stuff and will remove at the artists’ request.

Thee Comic Column #68: Brubaker & Epting’s Velvet

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Shawn’s Favorite Films: 2013

As with my comics list for 2013 this is late. I have not been able to see many of the movies that I wanted to this year, primarily because of time.  So I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to make this list. I decided to make it. I should note with a strong certainty that I fully expect had I seen HER by Spike Jonze starring Joaquin Phoenix that film would have been on this list.


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Author & Punisher Live @ The Echoplex 01.05.14

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Pardon the vulgarity of the following statement but it seems appropriate: If Godflesh and In Slaughter Natives fucked their offspring might be Tristan Shone, aka Author & Punisher.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Mr. Shone perform in Los Angeles last Sunday night at intimate venue The Echoplex. His performance was transcendent – something more than a concert it was an audio/visual experience that interfaced with my nervous system and short-circuited my ideas of what music is and can do.

I had pretty much expected no less.

Thee Comic Column #67: My Favorite Comics of 2013

Yes indeed I am a little late with this, but things have been heating up the last few weeks what with the holidays and a crazy work schedule so I’ve not had the ample time to reflect on all the absolutely amazing comics that were published last year. Yeah, I know – excuses excuses. After doing a similar column last year with a ‘best of’ moments snapshot I thought I’d do another but focus more on the books that blew me away in 2013, as it was a grand year for comics all around. Below is a short list of some of my favorites.

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