The Joup Friday Album: The Stone Roses’ Self-Titled

The-stone-roses-the-stone-rosesAs a 16 year old in 1990 who worked with a bunch of ladies in their 30s, I swore that I would never let my musical taste stagnate. I’d never be like they were, still listening to the Styx and Boston and Bad Company albums they loved in high school.

It’s funny what can happen over 25 years’ time. You get busy. Driving an hour into the city to go to good record stores starts feeling more like a chore than a treat. Then the music industry fundamentally changes in ways that give you instant access to more music than ever, but the sheer immensity of it makes it seem so difficult to pull the wheat from the chaff that it hardly seems worth trying. Lacking the time and energy to hunt down much new music, you turn back to the old reliables.

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