An Initial List of Albums to Look Forward to in 2013

There will be more, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something so there’s sure to be an addendum article at some point, but I’ve been curating lead-off singles and cryptic messages (thank you QOTSA for making the almost mind-bending wait FUN w/ those) for a few weeks over here and I felt compelled to compile a list to help get others excited as well. I always hear how there’s no good music anymore. WRONG!!! Let me persuade you. Even if you’re unfamiliar with some of these artists give them a whirl, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Well, almost everyone…

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away. The wait on this one is almost over however, as the album is out tomorrow. You can stream the entire album now over at The Guardian. I don’t think there’s a bad record with Nick Cave’s name on it, and I’m sure that isn’t going to stop being the case now, especially based on Jubilee Street, one of two great lead-off “singles”.



Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spectre at the Feast – We still don’t know too much about this record, but it’s out April and the first single is online. I’ve always dugged the psychedelic fuzz-washed rock n roll of BRMC. So far I think 2007’s Baby 81 is their High Water Mark, but I’m anxiously awaiting this one. The first track to surface online is Let the Day Begin and it is the band covering a song by frontman Robert Levon Been’s father’s band, The Call.

Specter at the Feast is due March 18t in England, 19th in the US.


!!! – Thr!!!er  -!!! does not disappoint. I’d always liked them, but after 2007’s Myth Takes I became a car-carrying fan. It’s not easy to combine a punk rock aesthetic with a dance-floor groove, but !!! do it consistently, uniquely and fun every time! Thr!!!er is out April 29th or 30th, depending on what side of the pond you live on. If this first song is any indication, it’s right in-line with their other records and definitely worth being excited about!!!

Jamie Lidell – Eponymous – Out today! Jamie Lidell is the continuation of the English Northern Soul movement that began in the 60’s and carried through right up to about acid house days. It never totally went away, and Lidell is an example of that popping back into the spotlight. New record is on Warp and as you can tell by the single I’ve linked below it’s different. But Lidell is no stranger to experimentation and I for one think this track bodes well for the record as a whole.

The Knife –  Tommy at Heavenisanincubator pointed out recently that for some reason when people talk about the forthcoming new album by Stockholm band The Knife they invariably refer to it as their first album in five years, despite the fact that the band released the opera (yes, opera) Tomorrow in a Year – a collaboration with Mt. Sims and planningtorock. Tomorrow in a Year should definitely count as an album – I’d forgotten about the thing but it is fantastic, a commissioned piece based on Charles Darwin’s The Origin of the Species.

Despite this constant oversight on a lot of our parts (thanks again heaveisanincubator for reminding me about this because I’ve only ever streamed it upon its initial release, never even realized they’d released it) the forthcoming Shaking the Habitual is out April 8th and judging by this first song, the soundtrack to a short film by Marit Östberg, an artist I know nothing about but now feel I need to investigate further.

The Besnard Lakes – The first time I heard The Besnard Lakes I fell head-over-heels in love with the band. Imagine Doolittle-era Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys put in a blender. I know it’s a bit of  adisservice to describe a band – especially one as great and unique as The Lakes – by name-dropping other bands, but its also fairly effective. Seriously, after you listen to the track below, go to youtube and listen to the track “And This is What We Call Progress”. If that doesn’t sell you I’d be floored. The band’s new record – Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, is out April 2nd and I will be buying this one the day it drops.

Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell and Angels. Yep, you read that right. March 5th (if the date doesn’t change) will bring us a new album’s worth of unreleased Hendrix material. I’ll keep my cynicism to myself and just say if this turns out to be anywhere near as good as Voodoo Soup, we could be getting a nice gem. There’s been such a superflous amount of post-mortem Hendrix tracks over the last twenty years that in looking for an example of something to post from the “new” album I was pointed to this, however I am not 100% sure this track doesn’t already exist on a bootleg or comp somewhere else.

Alice In Chains –  I’m not really a fan of this video; I don’t blame the band, I almost never like videos. However, it’s AIC, so I get extremely visual images from the music itself, the idea that someone else tries to trump those images is doomed from the outset. When Jerry Cantrell re-forming AIC w/out the deceased Layne Staley I was at first really freaked out. I talk about how I came to peace with it here; suffice it to say 2009’s Black Gives Way to Blue turned out to be a faithful, fantastic entry into the band’s mythos and I have no doubt the forthcoming The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here – out in May – will be yet another great record from Jerry and his re-configured outfit.

The Black Angels – Since first picking up The Black Angels’s debut, Eponymous EP on Light in the Attic Records back in 2005 based on a very well-written staff pick card at the unfortunately now deceased Gem City Records in Dayton, Ohio my wife and I have been fans of this band. Based on the strength of this first single, it seems Indigo Meadow, out April 2nd (damn, April is going to be an expensive month!) will follow suit and bring us more dark, fuzzy rocknroll from The Black Angels.

How To Destroy Angels – I miss NIN but so far, HTDA has not put out a bad track. After late 2012’s An Omen ep I’m waiting anxiously for the band’s first full-length, Welcome Oblivion, out March 5th.

Man Man – There’s not too much known about the new Man Man record, except that according to frontman Honus Honus the album was recorded late last year with Mike Mogis, the same producer the band worked with for 2011’s wonderful Life Fantastic and is now in the mixing stages, apparently with a summer release in the planning stages.

Marnie Stern –  Marnie Stern is a very pretty girl who plays one wicked guitar. She has single-handedly saved the art of finger-tapping from douche bag metal acts and turned it into something infinitely more fresh and interesting in the context of the wonderful indie-rock songs she writes. Her new album, The Chronicles of Narnia will be released on 3/19. Here’s the first single – it ROCKS!!!


David Bowie – I’ve already spoken about the first new David Bowie album in ten years here. The Next Day is out in March and if it’s anything like any of Bowie’s other, um twenty-something albums it will be grand indeed. Here’s the lead off single that I posted last month. A new song, The Stars (are Out Tonight) is set to be released next week on Feb 26th.



And last but certainly not least, the # 1 album that I myself am waiting for right now is the new Queens of the Stone Age, for which there is not a title, release date, single – nothing except cryptic messages the band has been sending to British music magazines. I for one applaud this manuever – it’s been some time since we’ve really been able to have any fun or suspense in relation to the release of an album as big as this. Thanks to Josh and crew for the inventive suspense (but really, I dying here! Release a single soooooon please!!!). With no music to post from the forthcomer, here’s a little viral treat I found recently:


Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

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