joup began with an idea. A dream really, of wanting a cool, unbiased magazine that could cover a variety of topics from different perspectives originating from all around the world. My fortune may be my travels, but I also feel the fortune extends beyond that, to the many different people I’ve met and the stories they have shared with me. These are the people who influence and will, to some degree, contribute to joup. So by no means will this merely be content being a travel “blog.” Sure, joup’s roots stem from that aesthetic but they also branch out and grow into a variety of topics and ideas. These ideas you will find organized (more or less) into six main topics: Arts, Philosophy, Science, Health, Sporting and Travel. The Arts section will open to actual digital shots as well as written pieces accompanying those shots. Some of this will be rough at first, some will gel right away. As with everything in life, joup will never be a static entity, but rather a process through time. Shawn Baker (Bakes) and I act as guides for this process, colloquially known as “editors”. Thus our influence will be felt a bit more in keeping joup cohesive; in culturing its evolution. Any vessel that aspires to have vast amount of inputs and possibilities needs someone to gently steer it along. Voices will echo from different directions of the globe. In traveling I am seeking a nice blend of authors; people of different races and economic backgrounds or “classes”. Bakes agrees. And yes I wrote “economic classes” because regardless of a person’s socio-economic label, there can and often is a valuable perspective present in the way they experience the world we all inhabit.
I realize that words and ideas are more abundant as each day, heck even second passes. Yet I know joup will be of interest and value, once again, because of the authors and their perspectives.
~ JGrez

Shawn Baker and Joe Grzesik