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  1. Average Joe Photography #3: Skateboarding in Venice Beach, CA

    Flying back from the Far East took me through Los Angeles and with it a reunion with none other then my co-publisher at Joup, a man by the name of Shawn C. Baker. It was most certainly a homecoming and LA, for better or worse, is quite the slice of Americana. Bakes had some time off so we […]

  2. Average Joe Photography #2: Night Sports Photography with Chiang Rai United FC

    The Raging Mackerel of Samut Songkhram were visiting the The Fighting Beetles of Chiang Rai this past Sunday so I decided to take my camera to United Stadium near the airport for this Thai Premier League clash and capture the action. Now in retrospect, I should have seen if I could garner a press pass. […]

  3. Average Joe Photography #1: Buddhist Monks in Procession: Tachileik, Myanmar

    The Premier installment of Joup’s Average Joe Photography. My co-publisher Shawn Baker came up with another great idea (he’s full of’em…really). It started with him asking how I got a certain shots in the Muay Thai pieces I wrote a few months back (Main Gallery). I explained that Muay Thai leads itself to Black and […]