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Thee Comic Column #106: Birthright

Birthright-01-VAR_Alright, I’m currently traveling so this will be a short one cribbed in airports and cafes while I make my way home to Chicago. That said, I’ve found yet another new comic I’m really digging and that is what this column is for – to spread the word. I always say, one of the things about a great comic shop is the knowledge of the staff. And their willingness to talk comics, and also as I always say, Manhattan Beach, California’s The Comic Bug (now TWO locations!) has both of these qualities in spades. Case in point: Ben – who you’ve no doubt met if you watch Drinking with Comics – recently put the first issue of Joshua Williamson & Andrei Bressan’s Birthright from Image Comics in my pull box. Now, I was under no obligation to buy [more]

Thank God for VOD! – ABC’s of Death 2

I don’t get to go to the movies as often as I’d like to, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch awesome flicks at home. Thank God for VOD! abcsofdeathABC’s of Death 2 A hairy and half-naked man running down the street, eyes aglaze, mouth frothing, attacking innocent bystanders! A new castaway coming between two men stranded on an island! A group of ungrateful family members pining away for their inheritance from their defiant benefactor! Granddad on grandson violence! Monsters! Jilted lovers! Deranged babysitters! Guns! Robots! Badgers! There are 26 new ways to die in the latest installment of the horror anthology series The ABC’s of Death, and they’re delightful. Part two finds a brand new group of directors from all over the world being assigned a letter from the alphabet, and then just going nuts from there. The first film was a [more]

Joup Fiday Album – Dada Puzzle

Dada Puzzle (I.R.S. Records/EMI Records)

Dada Puzzle (I.R.S. Records/EMI Records)

Nostalgia. This word means so much to so many people for so many different reasons. A simple photography, movie line or guitar lick can open up a world of memories of place and time once experienced for better or worse. Generally I like to remember the better but sometimes revel in the worse…maybe as we all do. In the last few weeks I’ve really tweaked my sound as a guitarist by adding a stellar early 70s twin reverb as my primary amp. My Strat and Tele have never sounded better. And then I came across a little number from 1992 entitled “Dim” on Pandora this week and everything became a little bit clearer. This week’s Friday Album is Dada Puzzle.
Again back to the early 90s? Come on Grez…surely you’ve [more]

New Music Enthusiast’s Club: Tomás Doncker Band

Big Apple Blues CD CoverTomás Doncker Band – Big Apple Blues Just like getting pummeled in the face by a barrage of instruments, a cacophony of cymbals, distorted harmonica, and sound, a weathered and guttural old voice coming from the deepest, darkest pit of defeated and downtrodden old bluesmen, the opening title track from legendary performer Tomás Doncker’s new album, Big Apple Blues, comes out kicking and scratching before settling into a familiar and comfortable flow. Pairing up with Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa, the record moves, dealing in blues, jazz, rock and roll, and world flavors, a kind of “global soul” music for the masses. It’s classic. It’s immediate. It’s timeless. It’s an ode to the big city. But let’s get a little history first. Tomás Doncker came up in the New York No Wave scene in the early 80’s, playing guitar [more]

New Music Enthusiast’s Club: Amatus

amatusAmatus – Broken Compass EP Ah, the remix, the loving testament of re-imagining or reinterpreting a piece of audio art and putting one’s own sonic stamp on it. They’re fun to listen to, and it’s always a joy to discover one that equals, if not improves upon, the original jam…which brings us to producer Jneiro Jarel’s spacey and ethereal take on Brooklyn R&B synth-pop artist Amatus and her song “Messin’.” Amatus grew up with an almost textbook bohemian back story, the daughter of a Muslim sharecropper living in a mosque on the south side of Chicago, later moving to Philadelphia, where as a teenager she would sit in on recording sessions with The Roots, Erykah Badu, and more, finally ending up in Brooklyn and working as a clothing designer before settling in as a musician, producer, and artist. Losing family and friends along the [more]

Joup Confession…(part 4)

So our main contributors have bared a small piece of their music skeletons. And I was tagged to enter the booth. I really had a tough time with because, you know ALL the music I listen is great and I have impeccable taste. *Cue the eye rolls and bullshit cough in the background. So I scanned where I started musically and the biggest thing that came to mind that might be viewed as “sketch” to a discerning critic is Chicago “17.” Thanks Thomas at least we have that in common, but I cannot choose that as well. Then I thought about my high school years. I was really a sponge, absorbing a number of bands or artists for the first time. The Who, Paul Simon, REM, INXS and U2 come to mind, but honestly I really respect and still listen to all of these artists from time to [more]


Drinking With Comics #15

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