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The Joup Friday Album: Slowdive – Pygmalion

slowdiveShoegaze is back!  So let’s talk about a legendary shoegaze act’s least stereotypically shoegazey album, an oddity amongst the band’s catalog, and one that led to them being dropped by their record label. Slowdive’s 1995 album Pygmalion is a cold and minimal piece of abstract electronics, folky Americana guitar flourishes, ethereal dreaminess, and often haunting vocals.  Where the band’s previous efforts had an almost warmth to their spacey structures and layers of guitar effects, Pygmalion stands out as some kind of barren wasteland.  The music feels like staring into the sun on a cold and windy day.  Or, it feels like walking into the ocean, trying to reach where the water touches the horizon.  Or, it feels like walking through an expansive meadow, surveying the aftermath of some war or disaster.  The album is hushed, almost reverent in a post-anguish way.  It’s [more]

The Perfect Cover

coversessayCovers are fun. There is something almost magical about listening to someone reinterpret another artist’s blood, sweat, and tears. What did that person get from the song that I didn’t? How will that person tweak and change things to make it his or her own? Will they be reverential of the source material, or breakdown and reassemble the work to make something entirely new? Will I like the covered version better than the original? Or will I feel that some songs are sacred and not to be trifled with? It doesn’t really matter. A good cover can be a fascinating artifact of pop culture, either as a reflection of the times or as something deeply personal to the cover artist. It’s also a wonderful signifier of how transcendent music can be, and how it touches our lives. In a way, it’s [more]

Joup Confessions… Slipknot

MrBungle_CD_Cover Note: The “Confessions” aspect of this piece pertains to Slipknot, not Mr. Bungle. I’m still a little iffy about talking about how much I like the first Slipknot record. I shout my Bungle-ness from the highest mountains! ………………………….. After actively dismissing them for several years after Slipknot’s 1999 eponymous debut was released I eventually finally gave in to the fact that I could not deny that there is a certain power to the record. This recognition in the face of all my cons – real or imagined – began with an inability – no matter how hard I tried – to dismiss the track Eyeless, forever erroneously known to me by the bastardized name Marlon Brando’s Eyes.  Before I go any further I suppose I should explain why I rallied so hard against Slipknot from the moment I first laid eyes on them. I [more]

Thee Comic Column #109: Southern Bastards Just Blew My Mind

STK652986I dug Jason Aaron and Jason Latour‘s Southern Bastards from the first issue, but only in a very peripheral way. And for the record, I don’t mean that in a negative way at all. It was actually A Voice in the Dark‘s Larime Taylor, back when he guested on Drinking with Comics, that brought Southern Bastards to my attention, and after picking up and reading issue #1 I ear-marked it as a series to follow. A lot of that was based on how striking and original Mr. Latour’s art and colors were, coupled with the fact that I had previously loved Mr. Aaron’s Scalped, a series I unfortunately still have not completed to this day (it’s in the works…). However, as you may have noticed if you read [more]

The Joup Friday Album: Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun

mastodononcemoreroundthesuncdFor almost nine years I have told people in Los Angeles that the fabled LA traffic nightmare everyone considers so dire is actually nothing compared to Chicago traffic. I’ve clung to this statement, scoffing at traffic here in LALA land. For Five of those years it was easy – my daily commute rarely took me on more than about a three mile stint of the 110 Harbor Freeway, all down near its end, where the freeway becomes Gaffey St. Then, in the back half of 2011 I switched jobs and began a three year and counting relationship with the 405 Freeway. Still I clung to the idea that it wasn’t that bad – certainly not as maddening as commuting during rush hour in Chicago. I start work super early in the morning so my morning commute is usually fairly easy, and [more]

Thee Comic Column #108: Karen Traviss’ G.I.Joe

FallofGIJOEIf you read this column at all regularly you’ve probably heard me talk about Larry Hama’s seminal run on the original GIJOE for Marvel Comics during the 1980’s. You’ll also know that I LOVED Mike Costa’s Cobra/Cobra Files series in all its iterations since IDW picked up the license to coincide with the first Joe movie in 2009. However, with the IDW books, COBRA was where I stopped. There was a regular monthly Joe book as well, one that followed the actual GIJOE team, and there was a Snake Eyes book – love the character but this seemed a bit excessive and in danger of watering down ol’ Snakes – and maybe another book or two at different times. IDW has launched and re-launched a lot of Joe books since 2009 and through it all I breathed deeply and repeated my [more]


Drinking With Comics #15

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