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Thee Comic Column #81: Transformers Regeneration One Finale

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image courtesy of Comic Book Realm.com

All good things must come to an end. That’s a cliched statement, but as with many cliches it’s true. And so it was with a somewhat heavy heart I purchased the 100th issue of Simon Furman‘s Transformers: Regeneration One. This was it – the final issue in a saga that goes back 30 years and had intermittent ties throughout my coming of age. In my hands. Open it up, read it, it’s all over. Finished. Ka-put. I couldn’t do it. Not right away anyway. So what I decided to do was hold off on that final issue and re-read the entire twenty-one issue series in preparation for it. This is something I do quite often (I just did it for issue #24 of Racehl Rising, the end of the current “Lilith” [more]

Joup’s Friday Album* – Clinic ’3 EPs’

clinic_sle_34Friday night has appeared on the horizon, and we’ve completely shaken Thursday’s tail – I saw it get vacuumed into the vanishing point of the rearview mirror. So put ‘er in 5th, and gun that motherfucker to the liquor store, ’cause it’s the Joup Friday Album…or in today’s case, put the sprogs in bed, kick off your slippers for your outdoor shoes and pop to the Off License and get a few bevvies in, ’cause it’s the Joup Friday ’3 EPs’ courtesy of four plucky young lads from Liverpool; we can never be sure whether they’ve had Mop Tops or not throughout their 15 year career, given their penchant for appearing decked out like The Medical Residents, resplendent in surgical caps, gowns and face masks. Careening into Jesus’ weekend, “Christ” get’s a shout-out in the first verse after a Ronettes’ ‘Be My Baby’ drum intro, before [more]

Kurt Cobain would have been 47 this Year

nirvanaI should have written this piece a week ago. Somehow, it escaped my notice over the last 10 days that this April marked the 20-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. And that shit was everywhere. Basically starting last fall with the 20-year anniversary of In Utero, through the nomination and induction of the band into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the performances last week with Kim Gordon, St. Vincent, Joan Jett, and Lorde, and culminating with the onslaught of internet article after internet article regarding Cobain’s legacy, I’m not sure how I missed it all. Evidently, I live in my own little bubble, oblivious to my surroundings and the outside world at large. It wouldn’t really be a big deal, except that Cobain and Nirvana were such a huge part of my formative years. I was 12 when Nevermind came out, [more]

35 Albums in 35 Years: 1991

In an ongoing attempt to bleed my opinions all over your computer screen, I’m selecting one album from every year that I’ve been alive that has some sort of significance to me…and then writing about it. Welcome back to 35 Albums in 35 Years.   loveless1991: My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless My Bloody Valentine is the loudest band of all time. There is no argument against this. I have seen any number of loud, screeching rock bands over my 35 years, heavy metal bands, obnoxious punk bands, drone and feedback bands, noise, noise, noise. I’ve stood directly next to the PA, the speakers, the half stacks and amplifiers, ears unguarded, my brain rattling around inside of my head from the sound waves careening into my body. Make it loud. Make it scream. Make it shake. I’ve seen it and heard it, [more]

Thee Comic Column #80 Ennis & Percio’s Caliban

image courtesy of Avatar Press.com

With Red Team wrapping up last month I found myself with a bit of a problem. See, it’d been about a year since The Boys ended and I had a regular Garth Ennis title to go to. Of course Ennis is prolific and there’s some other stuff by him on the shelves, but I’m still not sold on the Crossed/Stitched stuff and I missed his second Fury series until it was well underway so I’ve been waiting for it to be traded. Sans those I guess I kind of became used to not having some Garth Ennis to read every month. Then Red Team came along and reminded me just how freakin’ awesome the guy can be. After reading that title monthly and then binging the whole thing once the final issue came out I [more]

Joup’s Friday Album – Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos”

chrisbellLike most everyone, I came across Chris Bell’s lone album I Am the Cosmos way, way late. The material was recorded over a three year period during the mid 70’s, but aside from a 7” single of the title track featuring “You and Your Sister” on the B-side, it didn’t receive a proper release until 1992, well over a decade after Bell’s tragic death. It was worth the wait though. Bell’s original claim to “fame” was as an original member of the 70’s power pop band Big Star, on that group’s first album, #1 Record. When the record failed to find commercial success (though it would go on to influence pretty much every indie and alt-rock band of the 80’s and 90’s), or maybe because he felt overshadowed by the rising star power of fellow band mate and songwriter Alex Chilton, Bell [more]

Drinking With Comics #4

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