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Endless Loop: Love You to Death

typeonegativeHave you ever had one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days…weeks…years?  Sure you have.  These are the songs that always make the cut.  The songs on repeat.  We all have them.  I have a ton.  Welcome back to Endless Loop. “Love You to Death” by Type O Negative There’s really nothing quite like the perennial autumnal tones of Type O Negative, heavy metal’s answer to goth, where everyday is seemingly Halloween.  Things got a little bit colder with the release of the band’s 1996 album October Rust, a record full of stark and haunting moments that feel as if they should accompany scenes of dark, dirty, foreboding men in the snow, their breath visible in the gray light.  But don’t let that coldness belie the album’s lush and gorgeous production, the sounds and tones and themes coming together [more]

Thee Comic Column #130: Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s Injection

Injection 1Disclaimer: This piece begins with a touch of digression. It was intended. That said, in the interest of keeping things from getting further off course than they need to go while working toward discussing the comic I liked best this month I have allowed myself the use of only two “Howevers” to get where I am going. In setting out to write this column this morning I had a conundrum. You see, the first issue of creators Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire’s Injection came out last week. This is a book I have been intensely waiting for, but due to this, that and the other thing I didn’t make a trip to my beloved Comic Bug until this past Monday. Once acquired though, upon my initial reading, I knew Injection would be the [more]

The Joup Friday Album: The Minibosses – Brass

minibossesSince I began writing my Endless Loop column, I have toyed with the idea of including old video game soundtrack music as part of the grand oeuvre of songs I never get tired of. Or, more succinctly, I have toyed with the idea of including the 8-bit music from Mega Man II, the late 80’s video game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and consequently, my favorite game of all time. And yes, I realize that that dates me, but seeing as I’m old enough to have fond memories of Atari too, what does it really matter? I am by no means a gamer, but I certainly can appreciate the music that goes into these things, especially those quaint, nostalgia inducing 8-bit tones. But, regardless of how much I love the music from Mega Man II, and how much it honestly still [more]

Endless Loop: Wings

haertsHave you ever had one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days…weeks…years? Sure you have. These are the songs that always make the cut. The songs on repeat. We all have them. I have a ton. Welcome back to Endless Loop. “Wings” by HAERTS If my high school days could be condensed into a two-hour John Hughes movie, then surely, SURELY the closing jam playing over my fade to black, either with defiant fist held high overhead or with my teenage object of desire held in my arms, would have to be the lush and soaring sweetness of “Wings” by Brooklyn’s HAERTS. The song is only a couple of years old, originally appearing on the band’s Hemiplegia EP, but it feels like it has been with me for decades. It feels like it could have scored any number of [more]

Thee Comic Column #129: Horror Fans – Read Wytches NOW!

WytchesI first wrote about Scott Snyder and Jock’s series Wytches when issue #1 came out back around October of last year. I liked the book, primarily because, much like Snyder’s other horror series Severed a few years ago, Wytches feels like an old school horror flick. Something about the way Mr. Snyder approaches evoking dread in his ‘viewers’ reminds me of the first horror films I fell in love with as a kid. This was back in the 80s, usually on Chicago’s WGN channel 9 where the nightly movie was often an edited version of then-recent horror films. I fell in love with John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, The Thing and Halloween this way (the tv version of the latter, which contained those extra scenes that were so hard to come by except on tv for years), as [more]

The Joup Friday Album: Jackie Mittoo – The Keyboard King at Studio One

Jackie Mittoo The Keyboard King at Studio One

Jackie Mittoo The Keyboard King at Studio One

The title of “King” in regards to a craft or technique in the arts is often thrown around a little too loosely these days. That said, I’m going to use it here with the disclaimer that my application of the word is not hyperbole; for Jackie Mittoo, one of the founders of the legendary group The Skatalites and musical director of Jamaica’s label and recording studio Studio One, the crown as “Keyboard King” is earned and appropriate. I’m no aficionado of musicology (although I pretend to be sometimes) but I’ll tell you this: Jackie Mittoo’s importance to the development and influence of the numerous different styles of music that came from Jamaica during the 1960s and 1970s cannot be measured. With that I humbly [more]


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